INTEGRATED WELL FLOW SOLUTIONS provides the assistance
needed by operators, service companies and investment
firms to approach, target on, evaluate and acquire oil and gas
opportunities including acquisition of assets and new oil &
gas business oportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean
with special focus in Colombia where a combination of
downturn  oil prices, country stability, investor friendly
petroleum policies managed by the
ANH (Agencia Nacional de
Hidrocarburos) reasonable service costs and a talented
workforce offer an attractive scenario for investors. Our
upstream international experience, language skills, business
contacts, local collaboration, multidisciplinary team work and
understanding of laws and regulations are instrumental to
guide/assist our clients to acquire and develop green or
mature petroleum assets in Colombia and tap an attractive
return of investment.  Feel free to contact us to arrange a
meeting and set up an action plan at + 1 (512) 363 0822 or
info@inwellflowsol.com in the U.S.,  IWFS Colombia can be
contacted directly thru phone:  57 320 815 3684.

Click Territorial Map ANH (Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos)

ECOPETROL President Juan Carlos Echeverry : INTERVIEW /

The main drivers of the value of an oil & gas asset are its
reserves, its level of production and commodity price at the
time of the assessment.  The value of an oil and gas company
and/or property is intended to reflect the worth of the
company and/or property on the open market. The market
value of a property is defined as the estimated amount for
which a property should exchange on the date of valuation
between a willing buyer and a willing seller in a transaction
after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted
knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion, reflecting
the collective perceptions and actions of a market. A more
detailed discussion on
oil & gas company valuation can be
found  in article: oil  and gas company valuation by Kaiser and

Integrated Well Flow Solutions  provides consulting services
to assist client oil a and gas operators and investments firms
in the evaluation of exploratory plays and mature assets in
conventional and unconventional reservoirs to determine
thru our upstream  multidisciplinary team their value for
acquisition and divestiture.
Asset Evaluation, Acquisition and Divestiture