Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is the process of recovering oil not already
extracted from a reservoir after primary and secondary recovery techniques
have been applied and no longer can improve the recovery of hydrocarbons.
EOR relies on the injection of fluids and enhanced pressures to force oil out
of the ground. EOR techniques modify the properties of the reservoir fluids
facilitating its extraction.

EOR methods can contribute to extract between 30-60% compared to 20-40%
with primary and secondary recovery. There are three main EOR techniques:
thermal injection, chemical injection and gas injection.

EOR is also called tertiary recovery because of its implementation after
primary and secondary recovery techniques have been applied to the

EOR methods can be effective and economically productive depending on
the proper selection of the technology that must be applied to the wells and
reservoir provided  careful screening and development planning has been
done.  Both screening and planning are instrumental in the profitable
recovery of oil using EOR methods.

Integrated Well Flow Solutions EOR team has the expertise with many years
of experience to assist clients in the screening, analysis, planning and
selection of the EOR methodology for optimum reservoir recovery factor and
rapid return of the investment.

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