As fields mature and reservoir pressure declines, artificial lift systems have to be considered
for implementation in the wells to enable production recovery. Integrated Well Flow Solutions,
LLC can assist clients to find the AL solutions needed that contribute to keep sustainable
productivity and rapid return of the investment.
IWFS can provide operators the AL expertise needed onshore and offshore to select and
design the most suitable artificial lift installations to optimize production and minimize cost
depending on the production rate required, well deliverability, completion and reservoir

IWFS can also provide operators the assistance and methodology to evaluate the
performance of the artificial lift installations of a field and formulate recommendations to
optimize field’s productivity thru the selection of the most suitable performance parameters
and AL equipment.

IWFS clients can be assisted in the design of conventional installations including:
-        Sucker Rod Pump
-        Gas lift  (Continuous and Intermittent)
-        Electric Submersible Pumps
-        Progressive Cavity Pumps
-        Jet Pump
-        Hydraulic Pumping Systems

And innovative/efficient AL technologies including:
-        Pneumatic Pumping Systems (PPS)
-        Heavy Oil Pneumatic Pumping Systems (HOPPS)
-        Annular Reducing Pressure Systems (ARPS)

IWFS counts on the wide international experience gained by its engineers, associate
consultants and allied companies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad, Peru,
the UK and the United States to provide the recommendations needed to upgrade your
production and minimize the operating cost of your installations.
Feel free to contact us to evaluate the functionality of your artificial lift installations and
assist you to optimize performance and operating cost.
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